Change your mind, Change your body, Change your life!!


          Change your mind, Change your body, Change your Life!

 TRINITY TRANSFORMATIONS  is my company, and my way of PRIVATE Personal Training and Nutrition which is based upon THREE factors. THREE factors which I believe you need to work together to result in the ULTIMATE CHANGE in not only your physical appearance but in your mind, your body, and then ultimately, YOUR LIFE!

 You start with:

(1) FIRST WANTING TO MAKE A CHANGE: whether it is for health reasons or just to make a positive change in your mental attitude or appearance. This want then sparks an immediate need to generate a plan!! But this has to come from YOU, YOU HAVE TO WANT IT BAD ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING!!  Nothing happens until YOU make that ULTIMATE DECISION TO DO IT!! This decision starts within YOUR MIND and is a very very tough decision,..Once the decision is made...then you cant turn back, you need to plan from there!

(2) BEGIN GENERATING THAT PLAN OR LIST YOUR GOALS: with proper diet and an exercise routine that you know you can stick with and you will no longer want the bad food or junk food and you will WANT to exercise to help your body.

  (3) PUT THE PLAN TO ACTION:  Hire a Trainer, join a gym, find a Nutritionist.....or start working out at home and research a good diet plan that you can work with. Get a journal and write it all down....But be sure to do something that YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO AND YOU CAN DO TODAY AND FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Diet and exercise can not be a ONE DAY or ONE MONTH plan, it has to be a lifetime habit so you need to be sure of your decisions and positive in your thoughts and absolute in your mind, that you and you alone can take on this task and continue with it for the rest of your life!!!

Your GOOD health and beautiful tone body are the bonus..




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